How BuyDesign works


Everything on BuyDesign is an original design. We work with a diverse international network of designers with a proven track record of design collaborations.

Designs are only accessible to our registered members. So buyers from companies can browse in the knowledge that they’re viewing original designs, and designers can propose their ideas directly to industry-leading brands, retailers, and manufacturers.



BuyDesign is more than just a marketplace. We facilitate new connections through our pitch, brief, and open call features that are available to everyone.

We empower designers to get their work in front of the right people and connect companies to their next collaborators. So everyone can spend less time promoting, networking, and trawling through stacks of pitches — and more time designing.


BuyDesign protects designers ideas. We review everyone who registers for an account and make sure designers can’t view each others’ designs.

We track and maintain a history of every page viewed, which is stored with the highest security and cannot be altered by anyone. Meaning, we have a very secure, undeniable paper trail, giving designers the confidence to share their work with us.

Key features

Home for original design

We value original design and have curated a space that businesses want to use. Meaning our network of international designers’ original work gets in front of experts

Your Studio

Buyers, create your online design studio by adding your favourite cross-category designers to your studio inside your account. Filter and organise your designers, and brief designers individually or as a group. From your profile, you can post open calls, create briefs, keep track of agreements, and manage your designers from one place.

The Marketplace

This is the central space of our site where Designers have uploaded original designs for buyers to view. Designs are listed by category, space, material and colour. Buyers can browse, and share with their colleagues, by using mood boards, discover product information, and designer profiles and invite a designer with a purchase request to be able to buy the rights to the designs.

Buyer & Designer A-Z

We’ve compiled an index of every BuyDesign member. Filter Buyers and Designers by location, specialism, or experience level to ensure your next collaboration is successful. View profiles and information on Buyers and Designers.

Space to collaborate

Networking is tough, and a lot of great design doesn’t always get noticed. So, we created tools where companies can brief designers, launch open calls, and receive pitches directly 


Companies can discover and brief specific designers, either as individuals or as a group, and the designers’ proposals will only be visible to that company. Designers can negotiate, accept or decline the brief and will have full visibility of the terms and conditions offered by the Buyer before proceeding.


No more getting lost at the back of the wrong person’s inbox. Designers can pitch directly to companies, knowing that their ideas will be seen. Designers can post existing products or create new proposals. Designers can withdraw pitches and return them to their profiles. Buyers can accept or decline a pitch with a personal message.

Open calls

These are open briefs that our designers can respond to. Open calls are listed within a company’s profile. Designers can pitch existing products from their profile, or create a new proposal, and if it’s not successful add it back to the marketplace. An Open Call is a brief to all the Designers registered on the platform. An Open Call is usually used by Buyers when they are requesting product ideas for a general theme, not too specific. 

Where work happens

Gather inspiration, share ideas, and develop product ranges as a team. BuyDesign gives teams the tools to collaborate.


You can’t collaborate on your own. Companies and designers can message each other directly, using the chat/messaging tool. You may wish to talk or meet personally to work together to shape and develop proposals.


Buyers can add team members under one account and share with colleagues what they have selected.


Buyers can add products to mood boards and share with colleagues, so your team can see what you’ve selected and understand what you’re looking for. Buyers can create multiple seasonal or category mood boards.

Admin streamlined

You can licence designs, purchase design rights or brief and pay designers. Negotiate and sign contracts, and keep track of your product agreements permanently here.


Contracts are always agreed upon and signed between the Buyer and the Designer. BuyDesign only takes payment and a commission. Buyers can create or upload multiple personalised business agreements, and sign and track contracts without leaving BuyDesign. Contract terms are linked to briefs or designs as soon as they’re accepted, they remain attached to the project and, you can always find them in the future.

Viewing history

Designers cannot see other Designers’ work. Buyers cannot see other Buyers’ activity, saved products, agreements or any transactions. Both Buyer and Designer accounts are private. Your work is always secure with us. We use proven technology to record who views your products, providing a secure layer of protection for all users of BuyDesign.


Businesses can create new or upload T&Cs, and licensing agreement templates that can be used across briefs, pitches and open calls, so you don’t have to keep creating new agreements — all accessible to you in one place.

Feature FAQ

For Business

How do I create agreements on BuyDesign?

All agreements are between you and the Designer. All agreements are created by you and uploaded on the platform, accepted and signed by both you and the Designer. Agreements can be negotiated and modified with the Designer at any point via chat and messaging. 

You can pre-load your standard T&Cs inside your studio terms tab. So you can create a library of your standard agreements, so you can reuse them each time or edit them. This saves time.

Each time you attach an agreement to a product and the agreement is signed, the agreement will always remain attached to that transaction for your future reference. You can always create new T&C when creating a new Brief, Open Call or purchasing a product from the marketplace. You can select and edit ones from a previous agreement and save them with a new name.

How do I view the designs I’ve bought?

Any design your purchase will be visible in your studio space. If purchased from the marketplace the product will appear in your PRODUCT tab. Briefs appear in the BRIEF tab, PITCHES in Pitches and Open Call proposals in the OPEN CALL tab. From there, you can download them directly, and access them whenever you like.

Whats an Open Call?

An Open Call is a brief to all the Designers registered on the platform. An Open Call is usually used by Buyers when they are requesting product ideas for a general theme, not too specific. This allows the Buyers to reach out to the Designers to propose ideas based on a loose idea; not all Designers will reply.

Create the Open Call by completing the form Submit your Open Call Your Open Call will appear on your profile Designers will be notified.

Can I message designers directly?

Once a designer has accepted your Brief or Purchase Request, you can message them directly, allowing you to collaborate and develop the product together. You may wish to exchange numbers and call via an online meeting platform or arrange a visit if possible. Even if the project is complete, you can always return to that project and discuss any further details within the chat specifically for that project.

Can I add more people to my team?

Yes absolutely, with the first tier you can have a single user, with the next, three – five, and with the top tier it’s six plus.

Can I invite Designers to my profile?

Yes. Within your studio, you can invite a Designer personally to join your studio. They will receive an email from you to register on BuyDesign

Is it possible to brief more than one designer?

When viewing a Designer’s profile, you can simply add that Designer to your studio by clicking the favourite button. You can add as many Designers as you wish and you can filter the designers in your studio by name, category, location, experience, products and briefs.

You can select a single Designer to brief directly or you can select multiple Designers to brief directly with the same brief.


A mood board is a very good way to create a collection of products from the marketplace on BuyDesign. It can be based on a subject, such as a seasonal collection, material or category.

Create a mood board and add a name and description.
Add products directly from the marketplace or the Designer’s profile.
Share the mood board and invite your colleagues who are registered as Buyers on BuyDesign to view, edit and collaborate on your mood board.


Pitches are a very popular feature for Buyers on BuyDesign. Pitches allow Designers to pitch directly to your business an idea they believe you would be interested in, securely and privately. Many companies receive hundreds of unsolicited emails from Designers, which need to be replied to for courtesy and legal reasons.

The direct Pitch feature allows you to.
View all pitches within your studio Pitch tab. Filter by name, categories and more. Reject or accept the Pitch with an automated email (you can always add a personal note)

How do I Discover Designers and products

You can discover products and collaborate with designers in several ways.

Discover Designers by viewing products
You can view original product ideas Designers have uploaded to the marketplace. You can add to your moldboard and view later.
Viewing a product will allow you to also view the designer’s profile.

Discover Designers by viewing profiles
View all Designers in the Designers tab. You can view and filter Designers by Categories, Location and Experience and more…

Add Designers to your studio and brief them.
When viewing a Designer’s profile, you can simply add that Designer to your studio by clicking the favourite button. You can add as many Designers as you wish and you can filter the designers in your studio by name, category, location, experience, products and briefs.

You can select a single Designer to brief directly
You can select multiple Designers to brief directly with the same brief.
Invite a designer to join BuyDesign

Invite a Designer to join your studio
Within your studio, you can invite a Designer personally to join your studio. They will receive an email from you to register on BuyDesign.

Feature FAQ

For Designers

Can I speak directly to the Buyer?

Yes, through chat/messaging. Once you have accepted a purchase request, brief, open call and made a pitch. You can discuss directly the development of your design with the company. You may wish to exchange numbers, online call or arrange a visit if possible. The development is between you and the Buyer, as it would be in any other circumstance. BuyDesign is simply here to help you connect, collaborate and protect your.

What is a ‘buyer’?

Buyers are individuals working in a company, sometimes they’re called product developers, category leads, and product manager and they’re in charge or new creative for their company — our buyers come from brands, retailers, and manufactures within furniture, homeware and lighting predominately.

Can I hide my designs on the market place?

Yes, you can. You can upload your design to the marketplace and then hide it. You may want to use your design for another company outside of the platform. You can always make it visable another time.

What ideas can I upload to BuyDesign?

All designs on BuyDesign must be original. You must be the owner and creator of the design. Your uploads can be archived or new ideas.

Can I send ideas directly to companies?

Yes, you can pitch ideas directly to any of the companies on BuyDesign. You can choose to send a design which you uploaded to your profile or propose a new design. Buyers can reply to you directly about whether they accept or decline your proposal. You can always withdraw your proposal at any time.

Is my work protected?

Yes, your work is protected. Other Designers can not view your work. Only registered and vetted Buyers can see your work. When you upload we will record the date and time. We can also see how many views your work has had, and track some additional data such as if your work has been added to a Buyer’s mood board for example. This will help to protect your work and if there is any infringement in the future we can provide you with this data. This can help you litigate any IP infringements. 

Can I re-submit a rejected design?

Yes, of course, it’s your work. Uploaded designs to BuyDesign are never owned by BuyDesign. You have full control. You can hide your designs on the platform and re-activate them at a later stage, if you wish to show another comnpany outside of the platform. Any introductions made on the platform remain on the platform. You can read more in our T&Cs for Designers. But the principle is what happens on the platform should stay on the platform, new introductions or being re briefed by the same Buyer furthermore remains on the platform.

Do we know who purchase the work?

Yes. A Buyer will make a purchase request for a design on the marketplace before any transactions or agreements are made. You will also receive notice of any briefs and open calls where you will be able to review the Buyer’s profile before making a decision. You will receive a notification and you can accept or decline their offer.

Can I re-submit a rejected design?

Yes, it’s your work. If your designs are rejected you can re-upload them to your profile and the marketplace or propose to another Buyer.

Is it possible to view all the registered buyers?

Yes, all the Buyters are listed. You will also be able to filter the buyers and select those who have live open briefs.