Connecting people with original ideas

We’re BuyDesign, an innovative digital platform where buyers and designers connect, create, and collaborate.

We facilitate a unique space where brands, retailers, and manufacturers find original designs for furniture, lighting, accessories, and more. We make it easy to discover and develop new products, with all the admin taken care of.

For buyers

A dedicated space to discover, brief and license original ideas

Explore original, exclusive design

Gain access to our diverse, international network of designers, whose furniture, lighting, pattern and illustration, and industrial designs are waiting for you to discover.

Brief and contact designers

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or love a designer’s previous work, you can now brief them directly. Manage briefs through your account, choose who you collaborate with and develop long-standing creative relationships.

Create and share moodboards

Collect, save and revisit your favourite products with our personalised moodboards. Share them with your teams, get inspired, and make creative decisions with ease.

Receive direct proposals

No more sifting through stacks of PDF proposals or losing ideas in your inbox. View, organise, manage, and respond to designers’ direct proposals quickly and efficiently.

Streamline your admin

Manage your product assets, product agreements, Ts and Cs, invoices, and payments, all in one place.

For designers

Create, propose and sell your designs, direct to industry leaders

Connect to the people that matter

We cut through the noise, curating a marketplace that brands actually want to browse. Meaning your ideas get in front of trusted experts from all areas of the industry.

Respond to briefs

Receive briefs, make proposals, develop products, strike up new relationships, and build long-standing partnerships. All from one place.

Protect your work

Your work is always secure with us. We use a sophisticated system to record who views your products and when — providing a secure layer of protection for all your ideas, ensuring original IP is safe from copying and infringement.

Propose direct to buyers

Networking is tough. So we’ve streamlined the process, allowing you to browse our network of buyers and propose relevant new ideas straight to them. So you can rest assured your work is going to the right place, and you’re guaranteed a response.

Keep track of your admin

Alongside your designs and collaborations, we give you
full visibility of your payment terms and timings. Plus, you can track invoices and receive payments straight to your account.

Our community

Our buyers include industry-leading brands, retailers, and manufacturers — and our network is expanding every day.

Our community

Connect to our global, ever-expanding hub of designers, from innovative graduates to internationally-renowned studios.

Our team

Founded by a team of experts with many years experience. We’re equipped with a unique perspective on the challenges facing the industry today, and how to tackle them.

Theo Williams – 30+ Years of designing and creative direction for global retailers and brands.

Daniel Rous – Designer creating products for manufactures and retailers across multiple categories. 

David Barrett – Senior buyer & product designer with 20 years of experience within the retail sector specialising in furniture & sustainability.


Launching September 2022

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